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Duke DDC 1107
(Duke) DDC 1107

This door closer has a longer span when compared with the conventional door closers and is made of aluminum alloy. The entire system is based on the spring operated upon the shaft and pinion for better life span. Comparing with other concealed door closers, perfection has been achieved by 'DOORKING' in maintaining the aesthetic of the door way with its closing and opening function is the most striking feature. The main highlight of this type of door closer is its exceptionally latest and exclusive design concept, since it is an invisible door closer that excels in a real performance and hence its unseen quality makes it the most silent factor behind its smooth and elegant function.

Duke DDC 1107 - Capacity Carry Door
Cat. No. Model Weighing Wide Upto Hand
DDC 1107 Duke 60 KG 1100mm Right / Left